Shopify Theme Development

Shopify Custom Landing Pages

Born Creative were engaged in Shopify custom web development work and have designed and created custom landing pages for marketing campaigns (controlled and populated from the Shopify admin area), custom featured product sliders on the homepage, page-speed optimisations, reviews widgets and a number of other UX optimisations to aid in marketing and conversion rate.

Custom Product Filters

Offset Autohaus required category level product filters and a custom area above the product listings for their users to filter by various product attributes and to highlight the product-types available within their various categories

Using the shopify product tags system Born Creative created a custom area where the product types are grouped enabling their users to quickly sort and filter on any number of custom attributes

Custom Shopify Meta Fields

Born Creative created custom meta fields for Shopify products allowing custom featured products on the homepage, custom up-sells in the basket area and various linking options between product sizes and options on the product pages – all controlled from the Shopify admin area.