Bespoke Integrations

Trade Gecko / Intuit QuickCommerce Inventory and Order Management Platform Integration

Born Creative were asked by a client to automatically import stock levels and orders to a third party system from their Shopify store via TradeGecko / Intuit QuickCommerce. The third party did not offer a native Shopify or TradeGecko integration, but did offer a REST API.

Born Creative developed and host a custom Laravel / Lumen application to automatically sync the stock levels from the third-party REST API and update the relevant products within the TradeGecko / Intuit QuickCommerce inventory management platform.

Lumen / Laravel Programming in VSCode

A later addition was to automatically fetch the latest orders from TradeGecko / Intuit QuickCommerce containing only that suppliers products and create orders within the third-party suppliers ordering system, using the TradeGecko / Intuit QuickCommerce REST API and the third-parties REST API.

Debugging third party WordPress plugins

Born Creative were tasked to debug an integration with a suppliers inventory management process – this involved step-debugging (running the integration line-for line and inspecting each element in the code for operational values, and comparing to expected values). Once the error was discovered in the original plugin code, a patch was created, tested and launched to production (the patch was also submitted to the original plugin developers who have patched their plugin code for all of their clients)

Custom debugging was also carried out for another plugin, this time involved in splitting orders containing products from multiple suppliers. Debugging was carried out in a similar manner, and the original plugin author was contacted over zoom for a number of meetings.

Dropshipping Integration Plugin

Born Creative have created two bespoke Dropshipping integration plugins for

The first drop-shipping integration involves a backend workflow allowing graphic designers to upload custom artwork to an order, triggering an email notification to the customer who can accept the creation, or request modifications. In the customers account area there is a custom display for the order information showing the artwork and accept / modify buttons where requests for alterations can be requested. On confirmation of an accepted order, the system will bath process orders in the accepted-state and will send the artwork and metadata for the order to the supplier via their API.

The second drop shipping integration expanded on the first, allowing additional products with the same workflow and uploading to the drop shippers ftp location in a bespoke format, along with bespoke api endpoints allowing the shipper to notify the site when the order status changed (and allowing the sending of tacking emails once the goods are shipped)

Bespoke WordPress Plugin Development

Born Creative were asked by a client to consolidate work performed by a number of freelance developers into a wordpress plugin. After setting up development environments and becoming familiar with the existing code, The first task was to correct a back-end functionality – this was achieved by migrating existing code form a snippet plugin into a bespoke, reusable WordPress plugin, performing the modifications, testing and uploading into the production servers.

Bespoke Yoti Identity Verification plugin

Performing identity verification using the Yoti service Born Creative have integrated API’s into a custom WordPress Plugin to utilise the Yoti Identity Verification System using a short-code (which can be added in any WordPress page)

Biometric data is sent to the Yoti API and processed by the Yoti team. Upon verification (or rejection) the response is processed by the Yoti Identity Verification plugin and shown to the users – custom logic determines if the users are allowed to progress through the other stages of the website.

Dropshipping warehouse integration
Born Creative have developed a number of warehousing and inventory integrations – one of which is for a dropshipping website.
Inventory and stock levels are fetched from the inventory warehouse periodically and updated on the website as needed.
Orders are sent to the drop-shipping partner for processing via their REST api and shipping notifications are sent back to the website via a custom extension to the wordpress REST api built by Born Creative.

Certus Blockchain integration plugin

Born Creative have developed a custom WordPress plugin with the Certus blockchain certification service – customers who pass their tests are awarded a certificate which is tamperproof and stored on the Certus blockchain.

The integration is via the Certus REST API and sends the customers information in batches to the Certus service, where the certificates are validated, generated, authenticated and stored. The Born Creative Certus Blockchain plugin then fetches the validated certificates and sends out email notifications containing the certificate to the customers.