Sorcha Biotech is an online platform built to help customers obtain a certified PCR covid lab test in order to travel. The platform was built by Born Creative with a number of bespoke integrations and a bespoke responsive WordPress theme.


The platform chosen for booksorcha was WordPress. Born Creative have extensive experience using and developing WordPress, allowing us to quickly build and incorporate features. Initially a build starts on a local development server, where coding takes place. Code is then deployed to a Staging server, where client interactions and client acceptance takes place. After acceptance the sites are launched to production where customers can interact with the system and make purchases.


WooCommerce was chosen as the eCommerce engine for Book Sorcha. Along with a booking plugin and a payment gateway plugin these plugins allow us to add features to the site without additional overhead, meaning we can concentrate on the customisations for the site and ultimately bring to market quicker.

Gutenburg Blocks

Image showing the CMS admin editing experience

Designs were provided by the client and created using React components to utilise the new WordPress Gutenberg editor – this provides an easy to use, visually comparable experience over previous CMS interfaces and allows for quick editing of content and creation of landing pages

Bespoke Yoti Identity Verification plugin

Performing identity verification using the Yoti service Born Creative have integrated API’s into a custom WordPress Plugin to utilise the Yoti Identity Verification System using a short-code (which can be added in any WordPress page)

Biometric data is sent to the Yoti API and processed by the Yoti team. Upon verification (or rejection) the response is processed by the Yoti Identity Verification plugin and shown to the users – custom logic determines if the users are allowed to progress through the other stages of the website.

Certus Blockchain integration plugin

Born Creative have developed a custom WordPress plugin with the Certus blockchain certification service – customers who pass their tests are awarded a certificate which is tamperproof and stored on the Certus blockchain.

The integration is via the Certus REST API and sends the customers information in batches to the Certus service, where the certificates are validated, generated, authenticated and stored. The Born Creative Certus Blockchain plugin then fetches the validated certificates and sends out email notifications containing the certificate to the customers.