Green Paws and Petals

Green Paws and Petals is a unique online platform dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable pet products. Their mission is to promote responsible pet ownership while contributing to the preservation of our planet. They specialise in a range of eco-friendly pet products including dog beds, cat toys, pet grooming accessories, and more.

The website features an e-commerce store where customers can browse and purchase our products. They offer a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards with Stripe, Apple pay, Google pay and PayPal.

In addition to the e-commerce store, there is a blog section where informative and engaging content about responsible pet ownership and eco-friendly living is shared. The blog covers a variety of topics, from pet care tips to sustainability trends and environmental news. With the aim to educate and inspire our readers to make positive changes in their lives that benefit their pets and the planet.

WordPress + Woocommerce


Several plugins and services are used to enhance the functionality and performance of the website. A seamless integration exists between our e-commerce store and our drop-shipping suppliers – including product selection, stock tracking, and order processing. Google Site Kit is used to monitor performance and track search engine optimisation efforts. Other important services used include Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center, and Google Search Console.

Logistics are streamlined to ensure efficient and prompt delivery of products. Green Paws and Petals have established partnerships with reliable drop-shipping suppliers who fulfill orders directly to customers. This allows them to keep inventory levels low and minimise environmental impact by reducing waste and excess packaging.

In summary, Green Paws and Petals is a unique online platform dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable pet products. The e-commerce store offers a wide range of high-quality products, while the blog section provides informative and engaging content. The use of advanced plugins and services ensures optimal website performance, while logistics are designed to provide efficient and eco-friendly delivery.